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Weekly Wheaten Terrier Roundup

These are @hiwahiwakeiki's gorgeous wheatens, Toby Bear and Rocco Pup.

Franklin playing Frisbee

I love the vintage look of this photo set— oh, and I am obsessed with @analeeward's wheaten, Franklin, too!

Wheaten terriers

Ugh! I hate the snow, but Louie and Chanel seem to be enjoying it. This photo was taken during a spring snowstorm in Denver by @willjones54.

I’m crooning over @analeeward's wheaten, Franklin and his wifey wheatie! Yes, that's right— Franklin “married” his wheaten love, Lilly Mae.

Best friends forever— Sammie the wheaten and his new brother Teddy the goldendoodle. The proud owner is @andynewman.

Check out @pilarjoy's wheaten, Lennon, after his summer shave.

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